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George Berry

George is a member of WDC's Communications team and website coordinator.

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Research shows great white sharks will avoid orca encounters

By George Berry / 23rd April 2019

New research from scientists in the US has revealed that great white sharks will leave their feeding grounds to avoid contact with orcas (killer whales).…

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US authorities support proposal for Makah gray whale hunt

By George Berry / 9th April 2019

Federal authorities in the United States have put forward a proposal that would allow the Makah, a Native American tribe, to resume the hunting of…

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Fossil of prehistoric four-legged whale discovered in Peru

By George Berry / 5th April 2019

Scientists have unearthed the fossil of a 43-million-year-old whale in Peru, which was adapted to living both on land and in water. The mammal is…

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Shepherd’s beaked whale filmed underwater for the first time

By George Berry / 25th March 2019

A rarely seen species of beaked whale has been filmed underwater for the first time. Two Shepherd’s beaked whales were observed together on video footage…

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Remembering our friend Jo Toole

By George Berry / 15th March 2019

All of us here at WDC were deeply shocked and saddened to hear of Jo’s death in last Sunday’s air crash near Addis Ababa. Many…

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Preparations for beluga whale move to Iceland continue

By George Berry / 6th March 2019

Ahead of the relocation of Little White and Little Grey to the world’s first open water sanctuary for beluga whales this April, yesterday we gave…

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Whale culture should play a part in their conservation says new international study

By George Berry / 28th February 2019

An international group of researchers working on a wide range of species, including whales, argues that cultural knowledge of these creatures needs to be taken…

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Uk trade talks with New Zealand should raise concerns about endangered dolphins

By George Berry / 27th February 2019

WDC is leading a coalition of organisations urging the UK government to use its trade negotiations with New Zealand to discuss the appalling numbers of…

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Multiple belugas moved in US marine parks

By George Berry / 22nd February 2019

Over the last month, there has been a flurry of movement between marine parks in the U.S. as several captive-held belugas have been shifted among facilities.  This…

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Iceland to kill over two thousand fin and minke whales

By George Berry / 22nd February 2019

The Icelandic fisheries minister has announced a new whaling quota, which will allow Icelandic whalers to kill over two thousand fin and minke whales over a five year period.…

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